Sunset Collection

Paolo Dell’Elce

The Sunset light by Rotaliana provides indirect
light and fascinates with a slender, organic shape.

The Sunset lights by Rotaliana were designed in 2015 by Paolo dell'Elce and provide indirect light. The collection includes a floor lamp and two different wall lamps. Sunset W0 has a shade and a discreet wall mounting and Sunset W1 is equipped with a long stem, a cable and a plug.

Sunset is made of metal. The light head has a triangular shape and a convex front, enabling the integrated LEDs to shine in the back and upwards. The floor lamp complements the design with a slender light stem and a fancy triangular base.

Sunset's generous, broadly spread light is a beautiful light source in living rooms, bedrooms and in corridors. The elegant shape and the discreet and refined colours make it easy to adapt Sunset to modern and classically furnished interiors. The shade's special shape has an organic note, because it has a calyx's or an exotic foil's appearance and is at the same time miminalist. It also perfectly fulfills the function of a glare-free, indirect light source.