Sunflower Collection

Dante Donegani, Giovanni Lauda

The striking light bodies of the Sunflower LED
suspensions are reflectors and heat sinks at the same time.

The Sunflower suspensions were designed in 2013 by Giovanni Lauda and Dante Donegani for Rotaliana. The collection includes three models with different shapes, but following the same construction principle, which perfectly harmonize with each other.

The fascinating light bodies are made of aluminium and also serve as heat sinks. The thin, vertical lamellae lend it an original and complex appearance and dissipate the heat produced by the integrated LEDs.

The suspension provides downwards directed light while the integrated lens shines in a broad angle (48 degrees). On request, it is possible to order additional lenses for a narrow light beam (16 or 30 degrees).

Sunflower is suitable for illuminating tables, kitchen islands and counters. Thanks to its slender, high shape, it produces a charming effect above small tables. It is also possible to form rows with it or combine it with other Sunflower light fixtures.