String Collection

Dante Donegani, Giovanni Lauda

The String LED lights by Rotaliana with an elastic cable and
modern shapes provide dimmable, adjustable task and reading light.

The String LED lights by Rotaliana are adjustable desk and reading lights with a distinctive, elastic cable. They were designed by Dante Donegani and Giovanni Lauda.

The collection includes table and wall lamps with a slender, moveable double arm structure and also compact wall lamps with a shorter arm or without an arm, suitable for other uses. The DTW lights, equipped with a DimToWarm technique, are the design's further development and provide the suitable light for any situation.

String shines with a minimalist shape based on a classical light fixture with spring balancers. Arms, base and light head have a strikingly clear, reduced shape, while an elastic cable makes the light flexible and functional.

It is possible to flexibly turn the structure in diverse positions, enabling the moveable light head to always direct its light in the right direction. The arms are made of aluminium, their joints are made of cast aluminium, the hinges and coilings are made of turned steel.

The diffuser of polycarbonate rests under the flat light head, while there is switch on top of it which enables to adjust the light intensity. The light head has a hole in its middle, a very recognizable design element.

The elastic cable which runs along the arms in a groove provides the light fixture with flexibility and is also a visual element which influences on the design, whether it establishes a colour contrast or discreetly interacts with the structure.

The light fixture equipped with DimToWarm technique emit a warmer light when their LED light intensity is reduced. It ranges from cold white 4000 Kelvin on the coldest level to a pleasant 2200 Kelvin which is the lowest light intensity. Thanks to this function, the same String light fixture serves as a task light on the desk and also provides a soft back illumination in living rooms and bedrooms in the evening.