Frame Collection

The Rotaliana Frame LED lights' minimalist and versatile
frame projects its light upwards and downwards against the wall.

The Frame wall lamps by Rotaliana are a design by Giovanni Lauda and Dante Donegani. The collection includes four LED wall lamps with different widths, each available in various colours.

Frame consists of two elements of extruded aluminium. The external, ring-like element is the visible part of the light fixture and appeals with a clear shape and softly rounded edges. The internal element enables an even light distribution upwards and downwards.

The wall lamps are equipped with high-quality, embedded LED lamps, with 2700K or 3000K.

Whether in corridors, in living rooms or in bedrooms, Frame creates a pleasant illumination, which blends in with the room's architecture. Frame offers a stylish illumination in public spaces like hotels and restaurants.