Petite Friture Lights & Furniture

The design brand Petite Friture produces furnitures, light fixtures and home accessories endowed with a special and truly French charm; they are elegant, light and surprisingly original. Founded in 2009, the company is one of the leading brands in the French world of design. The company's founder, Amélie du Passage, relies on young designers, like Constance Guisset, who designed the unique suspension Vertigo , one of the most famous products by Petite Friture.

Amélie du Passage spent her childhood between Paris and Darlington in Great-Britain, which explains her taste for contrasts. After she graduated from the renowned business school, HEC, she held a position at the Ministry of Culture and then started to work at the FIAC, the International Fair of Contemporary Art. Petite Friture reflects her passion for design and promotes young, unknown, talented designers.

Petite Friture's designs express the French life-style. It must awake emotions and always be able to suprise. As an "éditeur de design", Petite Friture's aim is never-ending change and explains why it does not hesitate to take the risks which are necessary to achieve success. That is what happened when it started a collaboration with Constance Guisset, then at the beginning of her career, and whose Vertigo light was her very first design. Now Vertigo is one of the best-selling objects and a designer classic in the Petite Friture catalogue, while Constance Guisset has become one of the most renowned French designers.

Today, Petite Friture sells its designs objects in more than 30 countries. The company works exclusively with European manufacturers. Petite Friture uses French china, glass and leather, Polish steel and Portuguese eartheware.

Constance Guissets Vertigo best illustrates Petite Friture's design and lifestyle, an elegant, airy lightness. The light diffuser is large, yet seems filigreed and has such a thin construction that it is nearly invisible. The slightly bent diffuser spokes move a little with every breath of air and cast fascinating light-and-shadow patterns on the ceiling and surroundings walls. Even when off, the Vertigo light has an ornamental function in every room, where it is eye-catching, but does not dominate the space.

The light Tidelight by Pierre Favresse is versatile and can be nonchalantly laid on the floor or table. The grooved glass diffuser and the cork base lend an appealing retro appearance to the light fixture.

The light fixtures by Petite Friture range from the thin and refined lights in the Mediterranea collection to the sausage-shaped suspensions, which are amusing in the So-Sage series. Because each glass diffuser was inspired by a sausage from a different French region, these light fixtures by a young French designer also hold a secret cultural meaning.

What is true for the light fixtures also holds true for the furniture by Petite Friture. Each piece surprises with a charming difference, is comfortable and even serves as an appealing decorative element in the most diverse interiors. The sofa Nubilo, also designed by Constance Guisset, combines long, slender legs in retro style with a composition of round cushions in diverse sizes and colours. It produces a dreamy effect. Does the sofa look more like a cloud or a landscape of rolling hills? The Petstools are amusing stepped sculptures, small stools with animal-like cushions. A unique object serves as a seat, a foot-rest or a decorative item.

The organically-shaped wall hooks made of dyed glass, Bubble, the mural mirror, Francis, on whose surface colours simply seem to glide by, but also the small pieces of furniture and home accessories by Petite Friture are both unique and cheerful.

The light fixtures and design objects by Petite Friture are of the highest quality, and some hand-made ones are only available in limited edition. The up-coming collections are always anxiously awaited because of their consistently surprising design. The demand for French design made in France is insatiable.