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Penta, also known as Penta Lights, is an Italian lighting manufacturer that produces lights for indoor and outdoor use. The company is based in the northern Italian municipality of Meda, in the province of Lombardy.

The lights by Penta Lights are characterized by contemporary design, inimitable Italian elegance and the use of noble materials. For Penta, good lighting is the result of a good balance between functionality and atmosphere. This is effectively implemented through the use of noble materials such as frosted glass, wood and fabric in combination with excellent lighting technology.

Penta Lights was founded in 1975. Originally also oriented as a manufacturer of furniture, the company soon focused solely on the production of lights, in view of the quality requirements and the possibility of creating such a unique design. The company, also known as Penta Group, is divided into several areas. These include Penta Architectural Light and Penta Custom Light. Penta Architectural Light specializes in the design and manufacture of complex lighting systems, while Penta Custom Light deals with contract manufacturing for individualized products.

Penta lights testify to the character of the homeland and its stylish elegance which is created through the use of the finest materials. The aesthetic focus of Penta Lights is primarily on pendant lights made of differently processed glass.

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