Pedrali Lights & Furniture

The Pedrali company that was founded in 1963 by the father of current manager, Guiseppe Pedrali, develops and produces functional designer products that are 100% made in Italy. As its manager puts it, "We firmly believe that it's possible to produce in Italy and be competitive through the right investments." The chairs, tables and lamps all come from Pedrali's plants located in Bergame and Udine. Pedrali invests in technological innovation, research and development and can count with the faithful collaboration of talented international designers, who contribute to the ongoing success of the company. Each year Pedrali releases around 50 new products in order to meet the requirements of private clients as well as those of architects. Design chairs like Kuadra or Gliss that are available in materials as different as wood, leather, polycarbonate or acrylic glass can therefore smoothly adapt to various architectural contexts. Pragmatism and elegance reflect Pedrali's philosophy and translate into collections that are both convenient and beautiful like the light stool Happy or outdoor chairs Snow, Mya, Grace or Tatami. The versatile colourful chair Ice suits inside and outside. Allure, in a refined material mix, achieves a high degree of elegance. As shown with Pasha and Queen, Pedrali also proposes new interpretations of classical styles made from contemporary materials. Smart's bold lines show Pedrali's dedication for futur design. A large choice of lamps with rigourous shapes designed by a tandem of architects is also part of the Pedrali collections.