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The Italian company Panzeri was founded shortly after WWII and first specialised in manufacturing components for lights before it launched its own light-fixtures collection in the 1990. For Panzeri, high-quality materials and excellent manual skills are paramount to produce the high-end lights, which are now famous far beyond the Italian borders. The glass used for the diffusers is Venice glass manufactured in the finest Murano tradition. Constant renewal is the rule at Panzeri because the company has to introduce new technologies and pays special attention to the selection of the LED bulbs it uses for its light fixtures. Quality, innovation and tradition are Panzeri's core values. Moreover, the light fixtures by Panzeri are made entirely in Italy.

Panzeri is proud to be a reference for architects and designers who are entrusted with large architectural projects. Panzeri offers not only high-quality products, but also customised lights which meet the most demanding requirements. That is why there are Panzeri lights in public spaces like banks, churches, spas, cafes, restaurants and also in offices around the world. Panzeri also has had its own R&D department to select and manufacture the optimised LEDs which have born the brand Panzeri since 2011.

The table lamps, floor lamps, wall and ceiling lamps by Panzeri feature appealing, well-balanced shapes, no matter which style they have and what material they are made of. Panzeri offers lights with uniquely shaped glass diffusers, like Twister, which imitates a hurricane, or Track with an elongated diffuser which is reminiscent of a tulip. Some of the Panzeri lights, like the Tilly and Agave lines, are made of cut-out metal. The metal cut-outs resemble lace and cast fantastic light shadows in the room. The Domino model, which is based on a simple square, features an especially original and expressive De Stijl style in contrasting colours or covered with precious materials. The large ceiling lamps Domino form incredible landscaped compositions on the ceiling which are the icing on the cake in design interiors.

Fantasy is not absent from Panzeri's portfolio, where one can find a Birne - in German pear or bulb - wall lamp consisting of a conventional bulb encased in a glass block with imitates ice. Another example is the highly decorative wall lamp Affef made of ceramics with contrasting shapes and colours. This wall ornament is completed by a same-name suspension which looks like a mobile because of its graciously floating black and white floating elements. The charming table lamp or suspension Floral by Yohji Terazeri consists of folded metallic foil shaped into a flower. It enriches the collection with a light Japanese style.

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