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The traditional company Oluce, founded 1945 by Giuseppe Ostuni, is the oldest Italian lighting design company which is still active today. The first big achievement registered Oluce at the IX. Triennale with an indirect luminator designed by Franco Buzzi. Due to the popularity of the Domus magazine, Oluce quickly reached an international public and renown. The light object 255/387 designed by Tito Agnoli in 1954 was a ground-breaking improvement. A spotlight supported on a slender stem, that marked the decline of the classical lampshade and the rise of simple floor lamps for the private living area. Oluce owes its modernistic attitude to the cooperation with Joe and Gianni Colombo. A new material, a special thick pressed glass, for instance inspired Joe Colombo to design the weather proof outdoor product family Fresnel, that is nowadays still very popular. In 1967 Joe Colombo designed the floor lamp Coupé, now exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. In 1968 Coupé won the International Design Award of Chicago's Institute of Interior Designers. A new important era begun at Oluce with the transfer of the ownership from Giuseppe Ostuni to the Verderi family. The great master of Italian Design, Vico Magistretti, assumes the occupation of the art director and chief designer of the company. Oluce benefited from Magistretti's distinctive style and his international renown. At the beginning of the 1990s the severe style of the Swiss designer Hannes Wettstein dominated the Oluce product range. In 1995 Oluce changed again, due to its new art director Marco Romanelli. In this period, Oluce put the focus on expressing highly diverse personal idioms, especially those of leading contemporary designers such as Sebastian Bergne, Hans Peter Weidmann and Laudani & Romanelli. The new millennium started for Oluce with new alliances. An important name in this context is Japan's most refined young designer, Oki Sato - also known as Nendo - who extend the range of products with the Lamps Sorane and Switch. During the years many Oluce lamps received numerous prizes such as the Compasso d´Oro or dem International Design Award.

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