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The lighting manufacturer Oligo focusses on the production of light fixtures characterized by a clear, simple, yet high-end design. For this purpose, the German company uses modern durable LED technology. The resulting lighting solutions are not only suitable for versatile uses, they also guarantee economical consumption. These features are expressed in the name of the company, derived from the Greek word "oligós", meaning "less". The guiding principle of the label is to achieve maximum functionality with a design kept to the minimum.

The company was founded by Ralf Keferstein in 1987 and is based in Hennef in North Rhine-Westphalia. The designs are created there and the production also takes place in Germany. Oligos portfolio also contains light series, which are industrially produced using the highest technological standards. The label also offers unique pieces, manually assembled by lighting designers.

The company offers a wide range of functional light fixtures like the Oligo ceiling lamp Cilindar, as well as extraordinary, amusing creations, like Mademoiselle Filou. The fly-like Filou is composed of a bulb and a tea-sieve and is available as a wall lamp and a ceiling lamp.

Oligos functional, aesthetic design is especially obvious in the collection Grace, composed of elements to be freely mixed and matched. Oligo has suspension lamps and wall lamps, which can be chosen for their appearance and for their lighting effect as well. They meet any individual criteria.

Beside single lights, this leading German light manufacturer also offers lighting systems in its collection. Several spot lights, each individually adjustable, can be installed on the Oligo track system. This solution is ideal to set lighting accents in a space or to highlight paintings. It is appreciated in galleries because the spot lights can be turned and slanted, and their light is also dimmable. Oligo offers cable systems, on which the light fixtures can be affixed. Among their special concepts are also the Smartlights encompassing SMART.POINT and SMART.TRACK, which can be operated and configurated with a cable-free adapter.

The concept of the Oligo lights appeals not only to customers, but also to the juries, who award the famous design prizes. The company has already won the Red Dot Design Award several times as well as the Interior Innovation Award. The company was also awarded the "light of the year" prize and was nominated for the design prize of the German Republic.

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