Nimbus Light Control control unit

The Nimbus Control control unit via Smartphone or tablet makes it easy to operate the wireless Nimbus lights. Also suitable to upgrade existing light fixtures.

Product details

Nimbus Light Control - Control of wireless lights.
With Light Control, dimmer and radiomobile unit, Nimbus offers an especially interesting possibility to operate or dim the Nimbus LED lights via a Smartphone or a tablet. This is made possible by the use of Bluetooth 4.0. All you need for this purpose is the free Casambi application (available for iOS or Android) and, of course, the control unit. Another big advantage: If a 5 cables connection was necessary to dim the light of the LED lights until now, from now on a usual 3 cables connection is enough.

If you already have a Nimbus LED light with integrated Light Control, you only need the application. With the here presented Light Control control unit, you can upgrade your Nimbus LED light without integrated Light Control. Nearly all Nimbus lights for cavity mounting or with mounting box can be upgraded. Please, select the suitable control unit for your light fixture.

The installation and integration as well as the wireless operation are very easy. Via a Smartphone or a tablet, the Nimbus light can be easily switched or continuously dimmed. The operating distance is high. Besides the lights are also dimmable and switchable via existing wall switches. Divers light scenarios can be achieved through the application. They can also be called up through a suitable wall switch.

Technical specifications

Dimensions Control unit: length 175 mm, width 36 mm, height 28 mm.
Converter, 30W: length 175 mm, width 63.5 mm, height 18 mm.
Converter, 50W: length 185 mm, width 63.5 mm, height 22 mm.
MPN: 547-416
EAN: 4251462207841