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The ultra-flat ceiling lamp Nimbus Q 36 is a flagship product by the Nimbus Group based in Stuttgart. This light fixture unites Nimbus' successful characteristics: innovative technology, Nimbus technology, high-quality of the Nimbus light objects and a design, which discreetly blends in with architecture and space. The Nimbus Modul Q 36, as a ceiling lamp, is very flat and gives off a broad beam of downward light with 36 LED lamps. The most popular product series are the wall lamp Nimbus Air Maxx and the table, floor and suspension lamps Nimbus Office Air, which express technical precision and elegance with sharp edges. The ceiling lamps in the series Nimbus Mike India Series are offered with diverse accessories to best meet the individual demands of customers. The minimalist suspension Line has success at home and at the office.

Whether Nimbus Modul, Nimbus Office Air, Nimbus Line, Nimbus Air Maxx or Nimbus Mike India, these Nimbus light fixtures have something in common: the innovative LED lamp. And, not just any. The Nimbus Group has specialized in LED indoor illumination and has become one of the market and innovation leader in this field during the last decade. The manufacturer develops its smart light solutions in collaboration with light planners, architects and electricians. Their lastest development are the Nimbus lights. One example is Nimbus Modul Q 36 IQ's new control technology, especially developed for the next lights' generation.

The Nimbus Group based in Stuttgart Feuerbach unites two high-quality brands. The brand Nimbus, specializing in the field of light technique, and the brand Rosso, an acoustic specialist offering monitoring systems, space-structuring systems and smart acoustic solutions for the home and the office. They team up to create individual concepts of architecture and room-planning, focussing on both technology and design. As a founding member of the German company for durable building (DGNB), as a member of the foundation of the "council of shape" in Frankfurt and as a cooperation partner of the Frauenhofer Institut, some of the universities and large architecture offices, Nimbus is an exemplary leading company. Overall, the German company Nimbus offers a large range of design light fixtures suitable for architectural projects and for private homes. This light fixtures are durable and energy efficient. Whether they are LED Nimbus lights or classical light fixtures for fluorescent, halogen or fluo-compact lamps, the Nimbus products are a credit to the brand, and its best hallmark. Since the beginning of the year 2019, the Nimbus Group belongs to the family owned company Häfele GmbH & Co KG, based in Nagold and globally active.

Photos: © Nimbus Group/Frank Ockert, © Nimbus Group/DesignRaum GmbH

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