Roxxane Office Table Lamp

Rupert Kopp

The Roxxane Office table lamp by Nimbus, made of aluminium, with integrated LEDs and a
broad acrylic diffuser is switchable and dimmable by gesture control. With base and converter.

Product details

Roxxane Office by Nimbus offers the ideal illumination for offices and features a functional and minimalist design.

The Roxxane Office task light has an aluminium structure with two arms and a large and flat head with integrated LEDs. The synthetic diffuser produces a focussed and generous lighting which illuminates the surfaces of desks and working tables. Structures and light heads are freely adjustable to precisely direct the light.

The reflector head's asymmetrical shape is a stunning design characteristic for Roxxane which features a "luminous paddle" jutting from a side of the light head and a larger diffuser's surface compared with the Home version. 84 LED lamps are embedded in the conical depressions located in the diffuser, direct the light and make it glare-free.

Roxxane Office is controlled by gestures without touching the light fixture. The detector is located on top of the light head. The light is turned on and off with a scanning, horizontal hand gesture 2 or 3 centimeters away from the light head, while it is dimmed by holding the hand over the light head until the desired light brightness has been reached.

The Roxxane light family has been equipped with an improved LED technique since 2019: the LED lamps shine brighter, flicker-free and have a good colour rendering. Roxxane Office is available with three different colour temperatures, suitable for diverse utilizations and satisfying personal preferences: neutral, cold light suitable for concentrated work and warm, pleasant light for a cozy atmosphere.

Because of its flicker-free LED light, Roxxane Office is suitable for a use in modern offices and is also suitable for a use during video conferences.

Technical specifications

Designer Rupert Kopp
Dimensions Height 76.2 cm, outreach 58.3 cm, head length 7.5 cm, head width 37 cm, base width 23.5 cm, base length 23.5 cm, base height 1.2 cm, cable length to the converter 1.5 m.
Weight 6.4 kg (base 5.3 kg, body 1.1 kg).
Bulbs 2700K: 15,9W LED, ca. 1500 lm, CRI>90.
3000K: 15,5W LED, ca. 1500 lm, CRI>90.
4000K: 14,7W LED, ca. 1500 lm, CRI>90.
Selected Variant anodised silver, 2700K
MPN: 558-200 + 558-190
Energy efficiency class A++, A+, A
This luminaire contains built-in LED lamps
The LED lamps cannot be changed in the luminaire
Scope of delivery Built-in LED modules
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