Roxxane Leggera 52 CL Battery Table Lamp with magnetic dock

Rupert Kopp

Roxxane Leggera 52 CL by Nimbus is a portable LED table lamp which relieves the functional light
of the cable constraint. With head joint of 270 degrees-3D and operation by gesture without touching.

Product details

Roxxane Leggera 52 CL by Nimbus - Luminous companion: The light fixtures collection "light unleashed" by Nimbus aims at freeing the light from its cables. Once again, the German manufacturer has proven that he is a pioneer. The functional table lamp Nimbus Roxxane Leggera 52 CL LED is not only convenient because it works without cables. It has been designed as a luminous companion - light, flexible and with a battery that is operative up to 100 hours. It is a new era of light, without the constraint of a cable, yet with high-quality and efficient light that offers more freedom and therefore added comfort and finally more life quality - no matter, wherever you go. Needless to say that the wireless table lamp Nimbus Roxxane Leggera 52 CL is operated intuitively by gesture and without touching and has an individually directable head. That's Nimbus. However, the manufacturer manages to make another step ahead - with innovation that is fun, always and everywhere and makes everyday life richer.

The wireless table lamp Nimbus Roxxane Leggera 52 CL with Magnetic Dock consists of a lacquered structure made of die-cast aluminium and of a polycarbonate diffuser. The filigree structure has a striking handle with the aid of which the light Roxxane Leggera can be carried around. The shade has a 270 degrees-3D head joint to ensure the most mobility. The head joint is made of zinc. The innovative, high-performance battery is located in the base. Thanks to the conical recesses, the table lamp Roxxane Leggera spreads a direct glare-free light that can be dimmed by gesture and without touching.

It is only after up to 100 hours of operation that the battery of the table lamp Nimbus Roxxane Leggera 52 CL could be reloaded. The magnetic loading base (Magnetic Dock) or the USB loading cable enable a comfortable and easy charging. Both are included in the scope of delivery. The loading base offers an especially innovative comfort. All you have to do is to hear the "click" and you do not even have to bend over thanks to the magnetic technology. A discreet LED display located in the light's base of the Nimbus Roxxane Leggera CL indicates the level of charge. And as if it was not enough, the wireless table lamp Nimbus Roxxane Leggera 52 CL is responsible for even more freedom with other devices - with the Powerbank-Port via which you also could load your Smartphone for example.

Whether on the table for working, in the kitchen for cocking, on the carpet to play or on the dry terrace for reading outdoors, the wireless table lamp Nimbus Roxxane Leggera 52 CL is always by your side. The special feature of the Nimbus Roxxane Leggera 52 CL: a handle with the aid of which the light fixture Roxxane Leggera can be conveniently carried around. You do not depend on the position of sockets anymore because now the light follows you wherever you go and adapts to your needs. It is made possible by CL - cable-free light by Nimbus.

Dietrich F. Brennenstuhl, an architect and CEO of Nimbus Group sums up the pioneering performance of his company as follows: "With the cable-free light we have created self-sufficient light fixtures, which are equivalent to a quantum leap in the field of lighting.

Technical specifications

Designer Rupert Kopp
Dimensions Height 517 mm, width 207 mm, depth 310 mm,
shade 110 mm x 110 mm,
base 207 mm x 182 mm,
weight 1,150 g.

Magnetic dock:
height 6 mm, width 29 mm, depth 66,5 mm.
Bulbs 36 x LED max. 8W, 2,700 K, 800 lm, CRI > 90, LED.next technology,
operating time max. 100 hours,
charging with magnetic dock (24 V DC, 2 A – 50 W) or USB-C (5 - 20 V DC).
Selected Variant matt basalt grey
MPN: 552-723
Energy efficiency class A++, A+, A
This luminaire contains built-in LED lamps
The LED lamps cannot be changed in the luminaire
Scope of delivery Built-in LED modules
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