Next Lights & Lamps

Next is more dear to unknown, young designers than big names. It could be easier following the premise of the company says owner and managing director Thomas Schulte. Demanding - not elitist the style should be. The young company had the hope that exactly this courageous endeavor was the right and it was. As next was presented at the light + building in 2000 for the first time, three products got awarded with the Form 2000 Award of the Federation Arts & Crafts. As part of the Interior in Belgium the Liquid_Series received the award Design for Europe 2000. next is characterized not only by designers working with a wink. Their also is a lot of functionality for example in the collection MOLECULAR_LIGHT. The idea is to keep it accessible for everyone. "I have got the aim to be orientated on two markets with the collection which complements very well on both, projekt and private" said Thomas Schulte. The lights from next make it in many different areas such as the State Theater of Wiesbaden in the Faust opera or Jamie Oliver's restaurant in Cornwall.