Nemo Potence Pivotante

Potence Pivotante Collection

Rotatable and swiveling details are one of Charlotte
Perriand's specialties - also to be seen in the Pivotante collection by Nemo.

The Pivotante collection by the important French designer Charlotte Perriand is characterized by rotating and swiveling elements, which is typical for the design objects she has designed. Many of Perriand's designs from the last century are now faithfully produced by Nemo with further technical developments.

The Potence Pivotante wall lights are inspired by the masts of sailboats. Two long, filigree lamp arms made of black painted aluminium can be rotated by 180 degrees. The light fixture either protrudes straight into the room or hugs the wall to the right or left. The Potence Pivotante has a maximum depth of 2 meters, the smaller Potence Pivotante Mini only a maximum of one meter. The latter has a G9 socket with a sandblasted glass diffuser, while the larger version has an E27 globe lamp. Both wall lights are equipped with electric cables and dimmers.