Nemo Kuta

Kuta Collection

The Kuta lamp by Nemo follows a design by Vico
Magistretti, the pioneer of Italian industrial design.

Vico Magistretti

Vico Magistretti Vico Magistretti

The Kuta lights come from a design by Vico Magistretti - one of the most significant and well-known Italian architects and industrial designers of the last century. The Italian lighting label licensed Magistretti's design from 1979 and has been producing it for several years with a few slight technical developments, but maintaining the highest quality standards.

Nemo Kuta is available as a wall lamp and as a table lamp. It shines with its wonderful, indirect light. The lights have a chrome-plated structure and a hemispherical base. The base of the Kuta table lamp is made of robust, white marble. The E27 lamp can be seen behind a circular aluminum reflector. The aluminum reflector, which is black on one side and white on the other, prevents the light from glaring and shields it. The light can illuminate a surface located behind and be reflected by it. Depending on your taste, the front is black or white.

Although designed in the late seventies, the Nemo Kuta lamp has lost none of its timelesness. Its minimalist and functional design can be easily integrated into modern contexts. The straight rod, the hemispherical base and the circular reflector result in a rounded, geometric object that will still meet current design standards for many years to come.