Kepler Collection

Named after the German astronomer, the body of the Kepler
pendant lights by Nemo has the form of a filigree Möbius strip.

Kepler by Nemo is a collection of pendant lights that were designed by the Japanese designer Arihiro Miyake. They successfully enrich the range of the Italian lighting manufacturer.

The design of the Nemo Kepler is based on the geometrical principle of the Möbius loop - the top, bottom, inside and outside cannot be distinguished, but flow into one another. The result is a gracefully curved bow made of powder-coated aluminium, optionally with a black, white or gold surface. The loop forms the body of the luminaire, which hangs from three filigree suspension cables and ends in a circular ceiling canopy. Kepler is available in different sizes as Kepler, Kepler Minor and Kepler Petite.

The LED strip is located either on the bottom or on the top of the aluminum loop. Kepler Up and Kepler Minor Up generate uplight, Kepler Down, Kepler Minor Down and Kepler Petite generate downlight. A few models offer both 3000K LEDs for bright warm white light and 2700K LEDs for extra warm white light.

The Nemo Kepler pendant lamp makes a graceful design statement above tables of all kinds, whether dining or conference tables. It fits particularly well into modern and functional interiors.