Jesolo Collection

The round, slightly curved lampshade of the Nemo Jesolo is
not only timelessly beautiful, it also guarantees even light.

The simple wall or ceiling light Nemo Jesolo is very elegant and presents itself as contemporary lighting. The popular luminaire Jesolo C2 and Jesolo Twist are for replaceable E27 lamps, while the further development Jesolo LED combines the timelessly beautiful design with the most modern demands on efficiency.

The Nemo Jesolo lamp consists of a round, slightly curved shade made of satined triplex opal glass. The structure either consists of white lacquered metal (Jesolo Twist) or white polycarbonate (Jesolo C2). The lamp body of the latter almost completely merges with white painted walls or ceilings. The noble glass shade diffuses the light evenly into the room.

In order to meet different space requirements, the Nemo lamp is available in different sizes.