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Nemo Italianaluce
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All prices shown include 19% VAT for deliveries to Deutschland excluding possible shipping costs.

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As a member of the large Italian Poltrona Frau Group with divisions like Cassina or Cappelini, the relatively young lighting manufacturer Nemo can look back on a rich past of Italian design know-how and talent.Thanks to their stylistic clarity Nemo lights are timeless classics of modern times.  Lights like the 'Chain' and 'Ara' by Ilaria Marelli or the lighting system 'Bridge' by Mario Barbaglia are architectural stylistic devices, that accentuate every room without losing sight of their original purpose: the lighting of rooms and the quality of light, and so far Nemo’s lights have been characterized by the continuous pursuit of technological and qualitative perfection.Nemo carefully chooses the illuminants of the lamps and lighting systems with a special attention given to the use of fluorescent lights and the research in the use of LEDs to offer solutions with increased light efficiency and energy savings.On the one side the floor lamp 'Ara' by Ilaria Marelli combines for example a dimmable halogen light as up-lighter with a fluorescent light for diffuse lighting.
On the other side, the table lamp 'Chain' illuminates with LED lights only.Since its foundation in 1993 by Franco Cassina and Carlo Forcolini, Nemo divisione luce di Cassina SpA offers lights for private spaces and offices as well as public areas such as hotels or theaters.
The distinct shapes and modern materials of Nemo lights and lighting systems originate from world-famous designers and architects like Vico Magistretti, Jehs&Laub, Norman Foster or Karim Rashid.
With the introduction of the series 'Classici' in 2008, Nemo also refers to designs of old masters like Franco Albini or Kazuide Takahama.Other milestones of the company history are the acquisition of Italiana Luce in 1998, which produces many design classics such as Dove by Barbaglia and Jazz by Porsche Design, the acquisition of Meltemi with a large portfolio of lamps made of opal glass for use in public and commercial areas such as hotels and the merger with parent company Poltrona Frau, as well as the purchase of the historical Sirrah collection from iGuzzini in 2008.