Muuto Lights & Furniture


The Danish firm, Muuto, is one of the major Scandinavian design companies. Beside designer furniture and light fixtures, its portfolio also comprises home accessories, from textile to tableware, as well as bookends, among other things. The suspension E27 and the modular shelve system Stacked are the best-selling products by the Danish manufacturer. Many young designers from Scandinavia and elsewhere have already collaborated with Muuto. Among them are Louise Campbell, Cecilie Manz and the design studios Form Us With Love and Iskos-Berlin.

Muuto was founded in 2006 by Peter Bonnen and Kristina Byrge in Copenhagen. Its name is derived from the Finnish "muutos", which means "change" or "new prospectives". Muuto's goal is to provide a new impulse and new perspectives to the Scandinavian world of design for the home and to place Denmark at the centre of the design world.

Muuto is committed to the particular tradition of Scandinavian design: aesthetics, function and solid know-how by craftsmen are the principles on which every light fixture, piece of furniture and small item by Muuto are based. This concept is responsible for its quick international success and recognition. Muuto has belonged to the Knoll group since December 2017, but remains an independent company with its own identity.

What is so characteristic of the iconicMuuto pendant lamp E27, a simple globe light with a base and a suspension made of coloured synthetic material, is its appealing brightness. The minimalist design perfectly catches the spirit of the times and enables a variety of arrangements ranging from rows to the composition of extravagant luminous clouds in different colours or monochrome. The light's appearance is strongly influenced by the chosen bulb. Muuto emphasizes the bulb and brings it vintage beauty to the fore.

Other light fixtures by Muuto enhance the contrasts and combine classical shapes with modern materials and novel ideas. Thesuspension Unfold resembles an industrial-style, metallic light, but actually consists of light, smooth silicone rubber. The table lamp Control looks like a game's control panel, while the Wood Lamp resembles a classic desk light made of simple wooden elements. All of Muuto's lights have something in common - besides creating a pleasant lighting atmosphere, they also add an expressive and distinctive touch to rooms. They turn a flat into a home, where one feels really comfortable!

From storage cabinets, like chests of drawers and shelves, to sofas, chairs and tables, all of Muuto's furniture bear the unmistakable Muuto flair. Muuto chairs have interesting, albeit simple, designs. Series like Nerd, Cover and Visu are available in a range of versions and please with natural materials, like wood, and a large choice of colours. The shelf Muuto"Stacked", a large series comprising stackable, square and rectangular, modular shelves providing mass-to-measure storage solutions which perfectly adapt to the utilization context and user's preferences, offer great adaptability, numerous applications and exude a relaxed and youthful charm.

For more storage space and organization, Muuto offers the felt basket Restore, whose attraction is not only due to its round, feminine shape, but also to the special material it is made of - felt obtained from recycled PET bottles instead of wool. Muuto also offers carpets, blankets and cushions, as well as glasses, vases and containers, the famous Cup Crushed, mirrors, rounded hooks for clothes Dot and the modular candelabra The More The Merrier by Louise Campbell ... Muuto puts every effort into bringing its youthful Scandinavian design in every corner of the home to make it more beautiful.