HMBGE 550 half globe lamp with base for soil fixing

Hemispherical Moonlight HMBG 550 with base to be placed
in the soil of your garden for more cosiness in your garden.

Moonlight HMBGE 550 half globe lamp with base for soil fixing Unfortunately we don't have a picture for this version yet

Product details

The Moonlight HMBG 550 half globe lamp with base for soil fixing can be installed underground and offers relaxing mood light in the garden. The base remains invisible to preserve the illusion of a moonlike globe. Moonlight globes are available in standard white as well as the so called Stone Look with the variants granite, sandstone and terracotta which are particularly decorative at daytime. In addition, changeable colour filters allow to create an individual lighting scheme. The Moonlight HMBGE 550 has a diameter of 550 mm and is available in two additional sizes. The versatile half globes for outdoors are individually cast from polyethylene, extremely impact resistant and robust and can easily withstand temperatures of between -40° and +80° Celsius (-40 to +176 degrees Fahrenheit). Their other properties, such as UV stability, durability and impermeability round off the overall positive impression of these luminaires. Degree of protection IP44. Upon request and an additional charge all Moonlight glope lamps are also deliverable with a comfortable light control, switching automatically on in twilight and off in daylight.Please note that this light is delivered without cable. This way you can choose a cable with the length that meets your special needs.

Technical specifications

Dimensions Diameter 550 mm.
Bulbs 1 x 13W G24q1 fluorescent lamp.
MPN: 550050

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