All prices shown include 19% VAT for deliveries to Deutschland excluding possible shipping costs.
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All prices shown include 19% VAT for deliveries to Deutschland excluding possible shipping costs.

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On land or on water, on the ground or in the air, indoors or outdoors – Moonlight half globe and globe lamps meet the highest demands of high-quality lighting. Moonlight International, headquartered in Wehr / Germany, has advanced to become one of the most important manufacturers for outdoor lighting. In 1997, Moonlight offered just four products, today its range includes over 2000 products. The luminous Moonlight spheres have received various awards and are decorative elements on events and festivities like the Berlinale.

First Class Lighting:
Moonlight – First Class Lighting keeps the promise in its claim. Moonlight has not only a first class appearance, but also is distinguished by its first class manufacture. Moonlight globe lamps, patented worldwide, are individually cast from polyethylene and characterized by its durability and impermeability as well as the degree of protection IP44. They can easily withstand temperatures of between -40° and +80° Celsius. For individual requirements Moonlight offers globe lamps in different sizes, surfaces and with diverse changeable colour filters. In addition, there are different base solutions available for all contingencies for use indoors or outdoors. Offers range from flexible half globe and globe lamps with battery over floating globe lamps to lamps with screw-fastening base or base for soil fixing.

Awarded lighting:
Moonlight lamps already received several international design prizes including the IF Design Award (1999) and the Japanese Good Design Award (1999). Besides they were awarded the Design Plus 1998, Form 1998 and Form 1999, Roter Punkt 1999 and Roter Punkt 2000, Ranking Design Award 2000 and finally Design Plus 2000.