Icone Minitallux
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Behind the exquisit luminaires of Minitallux lies a family-run company, that has been founded in 1970 by Giuseppe Pagnoncelli in Brembate, Italian province of Bergamo. At first the manufacturer produced lamps on behalf of other companies. After a few years Minitallux started producing its own design and increasing its popularity, also abroad. In the 1980ies the company and its brand Icone established itself even more on the world-wide market, also due to the young entrepreneurial spirit of Giuseppe Pagnoncelli's sons. To this day Minitallux Icone stands for high-class luminaires within a wide range of styles: The design, predominantely delivered by Marco Pagnoncelli is sometimes classical, sometimes luxurious, sometimes minimalistic and sometimes playful. Minitallux uses preferably material like aluminium, glass or metal, that has for example a gold or silver leaf finish, such as lamp series Padella. The design of the luminaire 8MM on the other hand appears puristic with its aluminium cuboid structure and its 8 mm slim light slit on one side. Another popular style is delivered by the Gru series, where a classical round lamp shade made of fabric is attached to wall or ceiling. Moreover, there are playful symbolic lamps, like the crystal ball Golf, or Nido, the egg in a filigree nest. With Minitallux one could easily say, he or she not only acquired the latest luminaire for his home, but also the latest art edition.