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The Spanish designer lights by Milan Iluminacion appeal with a timeless elegance due to their geometric shapes and sober colours. The Spanish manufacturer places great importance on high quality for its lights.

The history of the Spanish manufacturer Milan Design dates back to the 1960s. It started as a small company under the direction of Jordin Jané and turned into one of the most famous light manufacturers in Spain. David Jané, who represents the second generation, led the family-owned lighting company into the LED era and has been responsible for a typically Spanish design style. Thanks to the consistently exceptional quality of Milan lights, the brand inspires confidence. The designers' pioneering spirit was already obvious in 2010. Milan was one of the very first manufacturers to use high-tension LEDs, which can be directly connected to the home network. The Milan Iluminacion's lights are sold worldwide. This international orientation was a stability factor during the latest Spanish economic crisis. The company continued unhindered on the road to success. Milan's headquarters are located in Barcelona. A special team continually develops innovative designs.

The choice of an outstanding quality is at the heart of Milan Iluminacion's philosophy. The company has showrooms in international metropoles like Paris, London, New York, Berlin, Tokyo, Moscow and Barcelona. Milan's customer-service department works closely with retailers to provide the greatest satisfaction to the clients. The direct relationship with the clients enables the team of designers to meet the particular wishes in the different countries and to adapt them and ensure they are state of the art. The whole portfolio undergoes permanent control, and when innovations are introduced on the market, they guarantee the quality norms of the Milan products. Milan Design is committed to timeliness; the company has an outstanding logistics department to offer quick delivery.

Milan lights, beside their outstanding quality offer excellent value for money and are known for their appealing and unique Spanish design. Milan Iluminacion produces a large range of light fixtures for indoors and outdoors. Their design is minimalist. A clear formal language dominates; some lights are classically angular, others are simple and round. Geometric shapes prevail, and the lighting effect is of utmost importance. Many Milan Design lights are endowed with mobile elements which enable illumination to be focussed on certain areas in a room or interplay with shadows and diverse light intensities.

Milan Iluminacion manufactures ceiling and wall lamps. There are also floor lamps and spotlights to illuminate pictures and mirrors. The ceiling lamps as spotlights are very popular, as are the suspensions and recessed lights. Numerous companies use Milan lights to furnish interiors, and thanks to the label's high competence, the lights also have a long lifetime and are very sturdy, which explains that they are very high-suited for professional use.

Milan lights stand out with outstanding materials and their sophisticated technical equipment. The possibility to drench some areas in a pleasant light appeals to restaurant owners. Their discreet elegance is ideal for the illumination of a dinning table and does not clutter the room. Milan lighting systems are used in large lawyer's offices because the spotlights and suspensions create a pleasant atmosphere around conference tables. Thanks to a clear formal language, the lights by Milan Design, whether wall or ceiling lamps, are especially suitable for private use in homes. Flexible elements make it possible to place lighting accents in a room and turn a flat into a cosy home. The geometric Milan light is a timeless luminous object bringing fashion into your home!

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