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Mawa Design, founded by Martin Wallroth in 1977, was first located in Berlin's Kreuzberg district. In the eighties, as design became more popular, the one-man-company quickly became successful and had to hire employees to keep up with the market demands. A number of collaborations with external designers enriched the Mawa Design lights' portfolio. In 1997 Mawa Design moved into the buildings of a palm-trees farm listed as a historical monument near Potsdam. The Mawa Design light fixtures have been developed and manufactured there ever since. In 2001 Mawa Design was awarded a prize for its "lights made in Brandenburg", the federal state surrounding Berlin. Today it is a successful manufacturer whose most famous collection is the Mawa Design Wittenberg series.

Mawa Design has always insisted on excellent design and outstanding quality. Mawa offers both a range of standard products and custom-made lighting solutions. Mawa already designed customized light fixtures for the Federal Chancellery, the Ministry of Economics, the Le Corbusier House, the Nikolai Church, and the Maxim Gorki Theater, as well as for BMW, Daimler Benz, Jill Sander and Sony. Mawa Design created and manufactured the bollard lights for outside Wannsee 1 and Wannsee 2 to illuminate the gardens of the Max-Liebermann-houses on Wannsee Lake near Berlin. Today they are part of the standard product line. The convenient and flexible Elle table lamp by Mawa Design that can be affixed to the table or the wall has been installed in numerous university libraries in Germany. The large Jüterbog wall light for inside provides both light and security in the corridors of luxury hotels.

At Mawa Design there is a symbiotic relationship between the old and the new. Mawa can technically update ancient light fixtures by equipping them with modern, energy-efficient bulbs, while remaining faithful to historical formality. Mawa designed the Güterfelde suspension lamp with a cylindrical glass diffuser for the 13th century church in the village of Güterfelde. Mawa Design is well aware of the rich historical and cultural heritage of Germany and Berlin, and, for this reason, offers well-thought out lighting solutions that perfectly harmonize with historical buildings. For example, there are Mawa light fixtures in the Ribbeck Castle of Havelland - (a place made famous in a poem by Theodor Fontane) - , in the Nikolai church in Berlin, in the Martin Luther House in Wittenberg and in the Schönhausen Castle in Berlin. Martin Wallroth, the founder of Mawa, expresses his admiration for the Bauhaus designer Wilhelm Wagenfeld and translates the style of the classical Wagenfeld light into a contemporary version with the table lamp Hommage.

Mawa Design reproduces design classics by Wilhelm Braun-Feldweg. The classical design lights "Schliephacke", "Ssymantek" and "Havanna" were presented to a large audience at the "Three Lights made in Berlin" exhibition in Berlin in 2001. The industrial designer Wilhelm Braun-Feldweg designed the Havanna suspended lights with glass diffusers influenced by Bauhaus in 1959. The suspension series includes various light fixtures with diversely shaped glass diffusers. One of them is the flattened Mondello suspension, a cigare-shaped Havanna suspension and a suspension with a spherical glass diffuser called Glaskugelleuchte. Mawa Design developed the large Uni Humbold glass suspension. Mawa Design also offers new editions of the wall lights Britz and Tegel, as well as the suspension Tokyo by Braun-Feldweg. The floor lamps Schliephacke and Ssymantec from the late 1950s are also in Mawa's portfolio.

Mawa Design lights may differ in style, shape and materials, but all display the same high quality. The standard products of the brand are goods in the premium segment with up-market design. Together they cover every aspect of modern life. Mawa offers rectilinear metal outdoor lights, like Beelitz, Mono and Quadrat. The round outdoor lights are called Bullauge and Pera. The illuminant is visible through the transparent glass of Open Air. Mawa Design also has light fixtures for Ralina lamps in its range. Their names are Line (A), Lina and Linestra. The wall light Messing - (brass) - has an appealing surface due to an exclusive special treatment by Mawa. Mawa also offers plain but expressive ceiling lamps like Etna, Or 2 or Eintopf. These share the pure design of the Goldemann table lamp by the same designer. If you are looking for spectacular lights, the suspension Madrid oval that was awarded the Design Plus Prize in 2012 or the floor lamp Basel could meet your taste. The suspensions Talbot Fresh and Talbot Classic are suitable for restaurants and feature convenient china diffusers which can be washed in a dishwasher.

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