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The lighting company Masiero stands for first-class designer lights in the luxury segment. Exquisite materials, traditional craftsmanship and advanced technologies characterize the creations of the north Italian family business.

Masiero was founded in 1982 under the name Emme Pi Light. The name change to Masiero took place in 2005, when Enrico Maria Masiero, the son of the company founders Paolo Masiero and Marilena Masiero (née Pellizatto), joined the company.

The family business is based in Casale sul Sile in the Italian province of Treviso near Venice, and feels closely connected to the craft tradition and history of this region. The influence of the Venetian glassblowing art is clearly evident in many Masiero lights - and beyond that, the lights with their evocative shapes, high-quality raw materials and artistic workmanship testify to a deep rootedness in the Italian design tradition. Each production step takes place in Masiero's own production facilities - quality made in Italy.

The raw materials are carefully selected and manufactured by specialists. In addition to crystal glass, silk and other valuable textiles, high-quality metals and types of stone are also used, as well as ceramics, wood and plastics.

Masiero offers a wide and varied range of high-quality lights for all areas. Under the label “Masiero Dimore” there are lights for the home that give private living spaces a special magic - with precious aesthetics and emotional references to old traditions, always with contemporary and technologically advanced implementation. Venetian chandeliers can be found as well as decorative table lamps. Multi-part opulence alternates with harmoniously clear silhouettes.

Masiero lights are the link between modernity and tradition. They set opulent accents in modern contexts and bring a contemporary verve to classic interiors.

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