Martinelli Luce Pipistrello

Gae Aulenti

The famous architect Gae Aulenti created the Martinelli Luce classic
Pipistrello in 1965, whose opal white shade is reminiscent of bat wings.

The Pipistrello table lamp is a Martinelli Luce icon. The design comes from the internationally renowned Italian architect Gae Aulenti, who already designed the Pipistrello in 1965. Pipistrello is characterized by an organic design that is unmistakably inspired by the bat that gave it its name. The curved lampshade clearly allows associations with spread bat wings. Pipistrello is another example of Martinelli Luce's typical design language, which is characterized by natural shapes.

For additional functionality the height of the Pipistrello can be varied with an adjustable telescopic rod made of stainless steel. The conical base is also available in steel and in different colors. The catchy lampshade is made of opal white methacrylate and the light shines through gently. Furthermore, the light from the illuminants is directed downwards for zoned lighting. The original Pipistrello table lamp comes with a E14 screw base, the advanced versions are equipped with integrated LEDs. The luminaire is now available in three different sizes: Pipistrello, Minipipistrello and Pipistrello Med.

The table lamp Martinelli Luce Pipistrello is a design classic that cuts a fine figure on the desk as well as on the side table, chest of drawers or sideboard. Whether as a high desk lamp or as a mood light in the living room, the lamp always catches the eye and testifies to timelessly good taste.


Gae Aulenti
Gae Aulenti

The architect owes her fame to her designs of several museums. She designed the iconic Pipistrello table lamp for Martinelli Luce.