Martinelli Luce
Ciulifruli Collection

Different diffuser shapes and cheerful, colorful sockets
characterize the outdoor and indoor Ciulifruli pendant lights by Martinelli Luce.

Ciulifruli by Martinelli Luce - light is fun. Following this principle, the Studio 5 + 1AA and Emiliana Martinelli developed a lighting collection with a fun factor: Martinelli Luce Ciulifruli. The indoor version brings pleasantly diffuse light into the living room. Whether above the counter, dining table or as cheerful lighting in the children's room, the Martinelli Luce Ciulifruli Indoor pendant light brightens the mood of all residents.

The colourful Martinelli Luce pendant lights are also available as an outdoor version. The bright colours, the fruity shape and the diffuse light also ensure a feel-good atmosphere and a harmonious ambience in the outdoor area.

The Martinelli Luce Ciulifruli pendant lamp is made of polyethylene and consists of a socket, available in different colours, and a white diffuser. The diffuser is available in various organic shapes and can easily be exchanged.

Note: The diameter of the lamp must not be larger than 55 mm for all Ciulifruli lights!