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Marset is a Spanish brand known for modern and characterful designer lights.

The family company was founded in Barcelona in 1976 and is now one of the leading Spanish companies in lighting design. Marset relies on close and long-term collaboration with its designers - for example, the collaboration with Joan Gaspar has existed since 1996. Not only does it owe him some of his most popular lamp collections, as Creative Director he also directs the artistic direction of Marset significantly.

Marset follows the guiding principle that light has a great influence on how people feel. The aim of lighting is always to improve the quality of life, which places high demands not only on the quality of light, but also on the shape, technology and choice of materials. Among other things, Marset uses glass, metal and plastics, ceramics and wood for its luminaires, thereby incorporating the advantages and character of the material into the design. The result is objects with a unique charm that have what it takes to be a classic - or have already achieved this status.

Marset also pays attention to sustainability in production and the longevity of its creations, and creates luminaires for life that users will enjoy for a long time.

Today Marset lights are popular all over the world, are design classics and innovative trendsetters, timeless icons and representatives of the current zeitgeist. Numerous design awards testify to this success, along with other honors. There are four pioneering lamps in the collection of the Design Museum in Barcelona, including the pendant light Tam Tam, the battery lamp FollowMe and the outdoor lamps Santorini.

The Marset range is largely modern and characterized by a young charm, but also includes some classics that date back to the 1970s and have proven themselves through their timeless beauty and functionality.

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