Theia Collection

The shade of Theia by Marset offers contrasting lighting
effects thanks to nested half-spheres of various materials.

Theia is an expressive floor or table lamp by Marset, designed in 2016 by Mathias Hahn. Floor lamp and table lamp in the collection have roughly the same dimensions, except their vertical stems which are of different lengths. Both models are available in black and in white.

Theia is the mother of the Sun, of the Moon and of the dawn in th Greek mythology. For this reason, the Theia light has a mobile head, which provides different mixtures of light and shadow, depending on the side from which it is looked at.

Theia is also the name of an hypothetical planet, from the remnants of which the Moon could have been formed millions years ago. The light fixture resembles a three-dimensional model of a celestial body's internal structure, and also the moon phases.

Despite its complexity, Theia consists of simple shapes and typical materials: lacquered metal and transparent methacrylate, the "fumé" colour of which connects the cosmic light fixture down to the earth.

The wide base and the light stem are made of lacquered metal. A half-spherical shade of methacrylate rests on the stem like a classical light shade. A second half sphere, of metal this time, is affixed vertically to the stem, partly covering the other one. Together they outline a ball with a missing quarter.

The round heat-sink of aluminium containing the LED light source is located in the middle. It is partly opened and directs its light against the vertical metallic shade's inside. It is lacquered in white and reflects the light which is glare-free and partly directly distributed, partly spread through the transparent synthetics to the room.

The switch dimer is on the heat-sink. An horizontal handle on the stem enables to conveniently turn the light fixture. Thus it is possible to create diverse types of illumination depending on desired ambience or needs: indirect lighting with light to the back, when the entire metallic shade faces the viewer, or even reading light when the light escapes through the missing ball quarter.

The Theia light fixture is equipped with a black electrical cable.