Mercer Collection

Joan Gaspar

The defining feature of this design lamp are its transparent glass
diffusers which contain additional textile shades, either smooth or pleated.

The Mercer collection was designed by Joan Gaspar, creative director at Marset. The diffuser of shiny transparent glass, surrounded by an internal shade of cotton, establishing a connection between classical and modern light fixture shapes, is at the centre.

The cylindrical textile shade provides a warm, diffuse light to which the glass shell lends additional shine. This unexpected material combination gives Mercer an extraordinary character. The light fixtures are suitable for classically furnished interiors and modern, minimalistic spaces. The shade is available in pleated, nature-coloured or smooth, pearlwhite cotton for a minimalist appearence.

All suspensions, wall and ceiling lamps in the collection feature the same construction. The Mercer table lamp takes this principle further and puts the light head on a transparent glass base within which the freely running cable is visible. Because the base itself is nearly invisible, the shade seems to float above the table and the sideboard.