Ginger 20 M

Joan Gaspar

The rechargeable, cable-free Ginger 20 M light fixture by Marset has a shade of
laminated wood or metal. Heat-sink and structure of black metal. Dimmable at three levels.

Notes & Informations

The light of the Ginger 20 M rechargeable table lamp is dimmable at three levels: 100%, 50% and 25%.

The battery is integrated in the base. Its operating-time is of maximum 5 hours at 100% light intensity, of 10 hours at 50% and 20 hours at 25 %. The loading-time is of 10 hours.

About the Collection Marset Ginger

The Ginger light collection by Marset is a charming design by Joan Gaspar which appeals with refined materials and delicate shapes.

The expansive collection includes suspensions, ceiling lamps and wall lamps, as well as table lamps and floor lamps.

The design's highlight is the remarkably thin-walled shade, made of laminated wood in the original version and now also available in aluminium for some versions. With 4 millimeters only, the wooden shade is thinner as expected from this material. Made of a wood-paper-laminate and a surface featuring a beautiful grain, it has a white inside. A black, dome-shaped heat sink, and slender structures of black lacquered metal or carbon fibre stylishly complement the design.

The LED light is dimmable and shines without glaring.

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Technical specifications

Dimensions Height 30 cm, shade diameter 19.5 cm, shade height 3.9 cm, base diameter 14 cm.
Bulbs 5W LED, 478 lm, 2700K, CRI 90.
MPN: A662-140
EAN: 8435516824338
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