Dipping Light Portable

Jordi Canudas

The rechargeable Dipping Light Portable table lamp by Marset with a glass diffuser and a
metallic structure, integrated LED lamps, 3 intensity levels and a battery with a 5 hours life-span.

Notes & Informations

Dipping Light Portable: a cable-free table lamp for coloured accents.

The small table lamp creates a magical atmosphere with a glass diffuser characterized by a unique colour combination because it has been dipped in colour several times. Several colours are available and create various versions when combined with the metallic base. Dipping Light Portable provides an individual touch on consoles, side tables, but also in many places with a need for illumination.

The rechargeable light does not require an electrical cable. Dipping Light does not need a wall socket and is ideal on laid tables where the light fixture is space-saving thanks to its small base, and sets refined accents with high-class colour and material combinations.

Dipping Light Portable offers three intensity levels. When used at maximum intensity, the battery has a life-span of 5 hours. The loading time is of around 10 hours. The light fixture is loaded via a USB connection, located under the switch on the base.

In order to ensure the cable-free Dipping Portable's stability, it is possible to combine it with two different accessories: a small magnet, screwed in the base ensuring the light's stability and a flat metallic plate which can be placed under a tablecloth ensuring the light's stability with the magnet. Both accessories are separately available.

About the Collection Marset Dipping Light

Dipping Light by Marset is a cheerful eyecatcher whose unique use of colour can be attributed to its designer's fondness for experiments. Jordi Canudas simply dipped a glass diffuser into paint and repeated this process to achieve a striped colour gradient - which is not only a beautiful decorative element, but also a novel way to shade and direct the light.

The collection includes table lamps and pendant lights in three sizes, two different types of wall lights and a portable battery-powered lamp. They are all available in six glass colours and with two different metal finishes for the base.

All versions sport the spherical diffuser made of mouthblown white glass, dipped into colour to obtain the distinct striped look. The light shines through these layers, more or less muted and tinted in colour, but even when the light is switched off, Dipping Light provides a beautiful colourful accent.

The table and wall lights feature a diffuser attached to a simple metallic base, either in graphite grey or in brushed brass. The pendant lights have a glass shade topped with a plastic cap in the corresponding colour, which fits almost seamlessly into its curve and completes the spherical shape.

Some of the models in the collection are dimmable. All Dipping Lights come equipped with integrated warm white LEDs.

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Technical specifications

Dimensions Total height 22.2 cm, diffuser diameter 12.5 cm, base diameter 6 cm.
Bulbs 4.7W LED, 240 lm, 2700K.
MPN: A691-091
EAN: 8435516845647
Energy efficiency class A++, A+, A
This luminaire contains built-in LED lamps
The LED lamps cannot be changed in the luminaire
Scope of delivery Built-in LED modules
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