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The Italian Marchetti company has been famous for the excellence of its luxury light fixtures manufactured in Italy for over 40 years. The company that was founded in 1972 as Fala by Sergio Marchetti first developed and manufactured light-fixtures of all sizes and shapes for prestigious contract projects. Marchetti Illuminazione was founded in 1989. These light-fixtures produced by Marchetti for a larger consumer market have been praised in the press specializing in the field of architecture and decoration. Marchetti manufactures its lights according to the famous Italian tradition while undergoing continuous development and introducing new technologies. The company's goal is to produce design lights in a contemporary classical style surpassing short-lived trends.

Although Marchetti designers are always aware of trends, they prefer to offer contemporary classical styles producing a symbiosis between past and present, tradition and modernity. This philosophy is visible in each Marchetti light-fixture. Contemporary collections like Agata, Diamante, Baccarat, Topazio, Pegasus, Helios, Cometa or Andromeda are named after stones and jewels, stars and galaxies. A good example is the Baccarat series. It features table lamps with oval or round diffusers made of octagonal glass crystals that sparkle in the light. Their polished nickel base, as well as ingenuous shape, makes Baccarat lamps unique and give them a modern appearance.

The Italian manufacturer Marchetti insists on using the best raw materials available. They are crafted with a great attention to detail and impressive know-how. Marchetti offers lights made of glass crystals in a choice of three qualities. The crystal quality that exists in transparent, red and black is the least expensive of the three. It can, for example, be paired with a fluorescent lamp that make the crystals sparkle less. The Swarovski quality is very luxurious. Swarovski crystal are cut with the highest precision and sparkle the most. The Swarovski quality is the one applied in celebrated historical monuments, like the Versailles Castle. The Spectra quality that is manufactured by Swarovski is a good alternative at lower price. It is also sparkly and iridescent.

Some of the glass-crystal wall lights made by Marchetti look like real jewels when affixed to the wall. The wall light Diamante with its two or three intertwined rings appears to be composed of diamonds. It is even possible to compose wall decorations with Marchetti wall lamps. The hexagonal modular wall light Join creates various artistic wall compositions. The hexagonal plate of polished nickel serves both as a support and a reflector for the jutting diffuser made of sparkling glass elements. Also the Kite collection features wall lights with distinctive glass elements shaped like kites that look very decorative on the wall. One of them is the AP PL wall lamp shaped like a beaming sun. When the light is on, the Kite light turns into a stunning eye-catcher.

With its own LED brand called Ultraluce, the manufacturer provides for the future. Beside the classical Marchetti light-fixtures, the brand Ultraluce develops and produces exclusively LED lights. The LED lights by Ultraluce are exclusively made in Italy according to the highest standards. Ultraluce also develops customized solutions for contract projects. The LED lights by Marchetti are presented in the Today collection, a modern, minimalistic collection available for a larger market. The contemporary Today collection complements the exclusive Marchetti chandelier collection.

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