Lyra Collection

Sparkling crystals and a design, resembling precious diamond rings,
turn the Lyra lights into a special ornament for walls and ceilings.

The design of the Lyra lights by Marchetti is inspired by the glamour of precious diamond jewels. The collection comprises the sparkling Lyra AP-PL and the small Lyra Spot.

Both lights' metallic structure has a simple shape, yet shines in nickel or gold. The diffuser consists of polished glass crystals cut in squares. While the Lyra AP-PL has six of these stones in a row, the Lyra Spot has a single crystal, presented like a gemstone in a crimp.

The Lyra wall lamps set magical, refined accents, for example in corridors, living rooms and in prestigious, high-class reception rooms. Because of their smaller size, it is possible to place them nearly everywhere and especially in rows.