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Brazil means samba, carnival, football and internationally famous lighting design of the brand Lumini. The Brazilian company Lumini was founded in 1979 and is based in Sao Paulo. From the beginning, the design label planned and created for large architectural projects. Today the entirely handmade Lumini lamps are to be found in lots of homes all over the world. The company owes this to its high demands on the lighting performance of the modern lamps. At Lumini high visual comfort goes hand in hand with low energy consumption.

The Lumini pendant lamp Bossa is particulary, internationally famous and awarded the Good Design award USA in 2006 and the iF award as well as red dot best of the best award in 2007. Besides Lumini was also honoured for the Super Bossa. The Brazilian designer Fernando Prado made a huge contribution to this success. Fernando Prado's designs set new trends combining functionality and comfort.

Further notable Lumini designer lamps are the Lumini Brick wall lamps, the Quadrattinha/Quadratta pendant lamps, the Bossinha pendant lamp honoured with the iF design award in 2008, the Lumini Lift floor lamp that was awarded numerous prizes (like Good Design award in 2009, Brazil Design award in 2009, iF design award in 2010) and Lumini Luna (iF gold in 2005, Good Design in 2005, red dot design award in 2006).

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