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Lumina Matrix Doppia suspension

Suspension Lumina Matrix Doppia consists in 16 adjustable metallic constructions in star arrangement on two levels holding the visible illuminants of your choice. Read more


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The originally essential and simple design of the Matrix Doppia by Lumina a crossed pylon allowing directing a lamp holder with a common screw coupling both upward and downward, is the origin of a large family of lamps for ilLuminating wide public and private spaces. It´s clearly visible bulbs become the characteristic feature of this system. Choosing their form, transparency and power allows customers to decide the appearance and function of the lamp to better represents their taste and needs and allows modifying its appearance with the uttermost ease. Large transparent glass globes, dichroic spot lights with changing shades, classical opal white bulbs or elegant transparent low power lamps with a warm and ancient looking light, fluorescent electricity saving lamps or high power halogen lamps with frosted glass: the possibilities are endless. It´s mobile and transparent form, which is not limited to central or symmetric positions, can furbish contemporary style rooms as well as rooms for collective use such as hotel halls, galleries, sport premises, etc. It is therefore suitable for both general lighting and/or as a spot light. Matrix Doppia double version with sixteen arms, becomes an element of decorative appeal in large halls, official halls, open spaces and foyer for vertical connection where we can provide, upon request, ceiling cables up to 6 meters length.

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