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Italian design with French origins: for more than thirty years, Lumen Center Italia has been manufacturing aesthetic designer lights with novel designs, colours and materials that represent a  real alternative to more classical luminaires. Founded in France in 1976, Lumen Center moved to Milan, Italy, in 1987. On the occasion of its 30th anniversary, new headquarters near the Milanese fair site were inaugurated where all the production and commercial activities are concentrated. Nestled into rose and water gardens, the new building provides the necessary premises for a creative sphere dedicated to 'design made in Italy'. Here, designers, architects, engineers and craftsmen can work closely together, exchange ideas and check the feasibility of new designs.This is also the place where extraordinary lights from innovative materials are manufactured, as for example the Ice Globe series. Globe lamps for wall, ceiling, table or floor that make us think of lunar landscapes, snowballs or sparkling crystals as their diffusers are made from a special synthetic resin with irregular surface which softly distribute the light. Contemporary and creative are attributes that perfectly describe the lighting series Coral and Leaves. The lights look like silhouettes cut out of metal and produce appealing plays of light and shadow along walls and ceilings or adorn rooms like natural plants – at the meantime, of course, providing soft, diffuse general lighting. If you are on the search for something extraordinary and do not want to compromise on quality neither design, you will definitely find your favourite light amongst the exquisite product range offered by Lumen Center Italia.

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