Luceplan Costanzina

Costanzina Collection

Costanza's little sisters: the Luceplan Costanzina lights
with exchangeable, coloured synthetic shades and aluminium structure.

Paolo Rizzatto

Paolo Rizzatto Paolo Rizzatto

Costanzina is the small pendant of the Luceplan Costanza by Paolo Rizzatto which followed the famous designer classic in 1992: slender, delicate and endowed with a convincing clear shape, it is an outstanding lighting solution on bedside tables, small side tables and more. The timeless design and the large shade choice contribute to make Luceplan Costanzina an ideal complement for different settings, ranging from modern minimalism to high-end classical style.

The Costanzina shade is made of silk screened polycarbonate, easily removable and exchangeable against another version. It is possible to flatten the shades to store them in a space-saving manner.

Comfortable: the shade rests on only two supporting points on the metallic structure. For this reason it swings a little, but does not fall when striked. It never falls.

The Costanzina lights' shades are available in a neutral white and in the coloured collections "Radieuse" and "Mezzo Tono" which comprise five shiny and subdued colours each, combined with the structure in brass, aluminium, black or white set original colour accents. Costanzina is available as Costanzina Tavolo, Costanzina Parete and Costanzina Sospensione.

All light fixtures in the collection have an E14 socket to put the light bulb of your choice.