Compendium Circle 72

Daniel Rybakken

The suspension Compendium Circle by Luceplan, here with a 72 cm diameter, is made of
aluminium and is shaped like a thin ring, equipped with a diffuser on top or below. Dimmable (DALI).

Notes & Informations

On request, it is possible to combine up to three rings Compendium Circle of different sizes. Thus, it is possible to create unique chandeliers offering a mixture of direct and indirect light. The light is suspended by three simple cables, while the light is supplied by an additional electrical cable.

Dimmable via Push/DALI interface. Please note that an additional 5 wirde cable must be installed for this purpose.

About the Collection Luceplan Compendium

Daniel Rybakken is passionate about the interplay of light, poetry and functionality. The result of his efforts is called Compendium, a light fixture family characterized by an impressively sculptural design and a slim silhouette. Perfect minimalism meets emotional lighting. With their unobtrusive yet striking character, the Luceplan Compendium lights are an enrichment for every room.

The collection consists of ring-shaped or elongated, slim pendant lights, a wall and ceiling lamp, the Compendium Terra floor lamp and a Compendium "Friends of Hue" pendant lamp with adjustable color temperature. The graceful lights have reflectors made of extruded aluminum, in which the high-performance LEDs are located. The name "Compendium" refers to its profile ribs, reminding of large format reflex cameras.

The ring-shaped Compendium Circle pendant lights are available with a diameter of 72, 110 or 200 cm and always look delicate and light. The diffuser runs along the entire top or bottom. If the light fixture is installed as an uplight, i.e. with a diffuser facing upwards, it remains completely hidden from view. The indirect light seems to be created magically. But even when used as a downlight, the diffuser is a harmonious part of the whole and does not disturb the impression of a simple, no-frills ring. The straight, elongated Compendium pendant light can emit warm white and pleasant LED light directed over a table, whereas the wall and ceiling light emits a direct, glare-free ambient light.

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Technical specifications

Dimensions Diameter 72 cm, height with suspension max. 300 cm.
Bulbs 52W LED, 3000K, 1788 lm (black), 2133 lm (brass), 2246 lm (aluminium), CRI 90.
MPN: 1D810C070020 + 1D810/400000


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