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Who doesn't know the famous lamp Costanza and its little sister Costanzina, which convince with an archetypal and delicate design? Available in numerous variants, different metal designs and with an easily replaceable polycarbonate shade in many colors, Costanza is a true all-rounder. The Costanzina lamp has been part of the Museum of Modern Art design collection in New York since 2010.

The Hope pendant light by Paolo Rizzatto and Francisco Gomez Paz is also legendary. Its shade with several plastic Fresnel lenses gives it a unique look and produces fantastic light. Hope was awarded with the Compasso d’Oro and the Red Dot Design Award.

Other Compasso d’Oro award winners include the Ascent table lamp and the Counterbalance collection, both designed by Daniel Rybakken and characterized by a clear and functional language. An elegant and unobtrusive design also distinguishes other lights by the Norwegian designer, for example the popular Compendium collection, which is based on basic geometric shapes.

Other classics from Rizzatto and Alberto Meda are the floor lamp Lola, the desk and work lamp Berenice with articulated arm and adjustable lamp head, as well as the pendant light Titania, whose organic shape, rib structure and optional color filter create a unique overall picture.

The French designer Inga Sempé created an eye-catcher with a surprise effect with the Plissé pendant light, because its shade can be pulled apart according to the accordion principle to gain up to one meter in length. For this, the lamp was honored with the Design Plus Award.

Also particularly original is Blow, fan and ceiling lamp in one: multifunctional, thanks to its beautiful design and the transparent wing, also available in color, but also visually enriching. Blow received the Good Design Award Chicago.

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Luminaires from Luceplan combine original design, innovative manufacturing processes and environmental awareness. The result is stylish designs that are at the forefront of Italian lighting design.

Luceplan was founded in 1978 by the architects Paolo Rizzatto, Riccardo Sarfatti and Sandra Severi. They had previously gained experience in lighting technology by working with the founder of Arteluce, Gino Sarfatti. The three visionaries set themselves the task of creating designer lights for indoor and outdoor use, which on the one hand enrich the living ambience with an appealing design and high quality of light, and on the other hand are produced in a sustainable and energy-efficient manner. In order to live up to this intention, the best material quality and professional production are top priority at Luceplan today. The success confirms this philosophy: Luminaires from Luceplan are extremely popular internationally and have been awarded numerous design prizes, including the important Compasso d’Oro and the Red Dot Design Award.

Every luminaire from Luceplan wants to be used for the long term and is therefore both aesthetically pleasing and technologically perfect. Such a timeless product with a long lifespan not only stands above entertaining fashion trends, but also means less waste and thus protects the environment. Respect for the environment is also part of Luceplan's corporate principles in other respects and is guaranteed through the use of environmentally friendly materials, renewable energies and gentle production processes.

In collaboration with leading designers such as Ross Lovegrove, Alfredo Häberli and Alberto Meda, Luceplan always bridges the gap between technical innovation, timelessness and improving the quality of life, regardless of whether the design is discreetly in the background or as an elegant eye-catcher dominate the room. This makes the luminaires perfect for a wide variety of locations, from modern apartments to magnificent apartments in old buildings.

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