Tivedo Collection

The movable Luceplan Tivedo LED table lamp is ideal for
reading or working. Innovative heat sink, eye-friendly light.

The elegant table lamp Tivedo scores with flexible pantograph arms that ensure the stability of the design light and turn it into a very functional light source. Because of its extraordinary flexibility, its light beam can be directed where it is needed. The distinctive light head can be individually oriented and, consequently, the light beam is directed with utmost precision. For this purpose, there is a T handle on the light's head. The luminous intensity can be adjusted by means of the dimmer.

This very stylish light is especially suitable for use on a desk in the office. It provides an area lighting that does not damage the eyes and eliminates eye strain. Consequently, it is possible to efficiently work a long time with Tivedo Tavolo. The Luceplan Tivedo Tavolo is more than a desk light. When placed on a side table near a comfortable seat or couch, the Tivedo light fixture serves for reading a newspaper or a book.

The table lamp Tivedo by Luceplan also has an efficient LED technique thanks to 9,5W that are enough to provide a 715 lumen light flood. It generates the light of a 60W incandescent lamp that would require more than 80% more energy. With this light you make big savings in terms of money and help protecting the environment.