Luceplan Otto Watt

Alberto Meda, Paolo Rizzatto

Luceplan Otto Watt is a state-of-the-art desk
lamp with energy-efficient, pleasant LED lighting.

The name says it all: the built-in LEDs of the Otto Watt desk lamp by Luceplan have a power consumption of only 8 watts - in Italian translation: "otto Watt". The design of the Otto Watt Tavolo is functional and focusses on flexibility. With two articulated arms and a lamp head which rotates by 360°, Otto Watt can take up almost any thinkable position.

The light - pleasantly warm white at 3,000K - can be adjusted as desired. The light intensity is also adjustable by dimming.

Otto Watt is not only available as a desk lamp – the Otto Watt Parete is also a flexible task light for installation on the wall.


Alberto Meda
Alberto Meda

The Italian desiger's creations are as innovative as they are beautiful. He created the famous lamps Titania and Berenice for Luceplan.

Paolo Rizzatto
Paolo Rizzatto

The co-founder of Luceplan has created several popular design lamps, for example Berenice, Titania and Hope.