Mesh Collection

Francisco Gomez Paz

Modern, innovative aesthetics by Luceplan: Mesh characterizes a
LED mesh with produces the impression of a futuristic chandelier.

With Luceplan Mesh Francisco Gomez Paz has designed a suspension which unites lightness and transparency with emotion and innovation.

The Luceplan Mesh suspension is a modern chandelier with unconventional design which has a convincing appearance and function. Mesh does not have a body but a mesh instead on which numerous small round LED reflectors are affixed. They are made of polycarbonate, have a white diffuser and a black back side, which creates thrilling black and white contrasts turning the light fixture into an eye-catcher also when it is off. Thanks to the bodiless design, Mesh does not clutter the room despite its large size and gives a feather-light and playful impression. A variety of cable lengths and diameters are available to let Mesh shine in various contexts.

The Mesh Wireless suspension offers a varied LED lighting which is dimmable and individually programmable and intuitively controlled with the aid of an Android compatible application or the special Luceplan application and WiFi.

Mesh with a diameter of 80 or 100 centimeters and a height of 60 or 90 centimeters (without the suspension system)has an especially magical appearance in large rooms with high ceilings. Because of its varied lighting effects, it fulfills diverse tasks and establishes a fascinating relationship between the room and the people in it. As Mesh 55 LED suspension is provides direct and indirect light onto a dining table, as Mesh ceiling LED it serves for the illumination of large corridors and living rooms, and projects its light in every direction.

Because it combines a highly emotional design and an emotional lighting effect paired with high-end innovation, the Luceplan Mesh suspension is the poetical focus in every living space, entry hall and hotel foyer.