Hope Collection

Francisco Gomez Paz, Paolo Rizzatto

The fascinating lamps are eye-catchers in every room, and consist
of flat polycarbonate lenses which create magical lighting effects.

The Hope light by Luceplan is a modern designer classic producing magical lighting effects with a multi-piece shade composed of Fresnel lenses. The design by Paolo Rizzatto and Francisco Gomez Paz was awarded the Compasso d'Oro and the Red Dot Design Award as well as other major prizes.

The shade of the Luceplan Hope light fixture is made of polycarbonate, but has the appearance of sparkling crystal glass, because it is made of several Fresnel lenses which are arranged like a flower around the light bulb, magnify its light and sparkle magically.

Presnel lenses are used in lighthouses. They are especially thin and light, a propriety which is here reinforced with the use of synthetics. The result is the precious splendor of a crystal chandelier, yet without weight and fragility.

With its lively sparkle and glitter, Hope is a refined eye-catcher in a room. The light fixture is available in a choice of sizes from approximately 60 cm of diameter, which is suitable for a private living room or bedroom, to an impressive two meters, ideally suited for prestigious, high and large rooms.

Besides suspensions, Hope is also available as ceiling lamps, wall lamps and floor lamps, which offers many possibilities to integrate the magical Hope lighting effects in a room. The ceiling lamp comes in handy when the ceiling is to low for a suspension. The wall lamps decorate and brighten long corridors and the floor lamp fills a room corner with magical light.