Luceplan GlassGlass

Paolo Rizzatto

Interchangeable glass diffusers and a sophisticated aluminum
bracket characterize the modern GlassGlass pendant lights by Luceplan.

The versatility of a modular light fixture and the elegance of the unique piece: Paolo Rizzatto transforms the traditional glass diffuser of the GlassGlass pendant light by Luceplan into a handy, interchangeable component.

The whole intelligence of the project is concentrated in the connection node between the glass and the holding cable. With a simple gesture, the handle integrated in the support ring of the diffuser releases the bell, which can be easily cleaned or replaced. The handle-shaped holder made of die-cast aluminum serves as a safe suspension for the diffuser glass. It is manufactured in the ancient glassblower tradition and is available either in a conical, spherical or teardrop shape.

The power cable is coated with a steel net and also serves as a suspension.


Paolo Rizzatto
Paolo Rizzatto

The co-founder of Luceplan has created several popular design lamps, for example Berenice, Titania and Hope.