Fienile Collection

Daniel Rybakken

Micro-architecture: The shape of the Fienile table lamp
imitates rural buildings and inspires with an atmospheric light.

The Fienile table lamp edited in 2019 resulted of a collaboration between Luceplan and the designer Daniel Rybakken. A pendant light and outdoor models followed.

When designing the Fienile lights, the designer was inspired by his memory of the Norwegian farm where his grandfather grew up. Fienile is Italian and means "barn". The typical architecture of Nordic agricultural buildings is reflected in Fienile's geometric design: flat sloping roof, lateral supports and two central walls.

The permanently installed LEDs located below Fienile table lamp's roof spread a soft, warm light onto the surface below. In addition, the vertical walls are illuminated in a kind of wall-washer effect. The structure of Fienile consists of anodized aluminum and different surface colours are available dependig on the selected version.

Because of its archetypal design, Fienile is an object with a decorative character despite its puristic, clear lines. The table lamp is predestined for sideboards, shelves, window sills or side tables, while the Fienile pendant lamp can serve as dining or conference table lighting. The Fienile Outdoor Floor Lamps evenly illuminate sidewalks, walkways or terrace areas and are available in two sizes.