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The Danish company Louis Poulsen is one of the absolute greats of Scandinavian lighting design. In its extensive range, the brand carries Danish lamp classics alongside the works of contemporary international designers. Louis Poulsen has a remarkable history that began in the 19th century and has accompanied the triumphal march of electricity in Denmark from its beginnings. The success in the field of decorative lamps began in the 1920s when Poul Henningsen designed the PH lamp - still one of the bestsellers today.

Ludvig Poulsen initially founded a wine import company in 1874, but closed after four years. His second company, founded in 1892, initially sold electrical engineering materials and tools. Poulsen is responding to the signs of the times, because with the opening of the second Danish electricity company, more and more people have access to electrical power and the spread of electrical equipment is beginning. After Ludvig's death in 1906, his nephew Louis took over the company. Sophus Kaastrup-Olsen also joins the company, which from 1911 "Louis Poulsen & Co." is called.

The collaboration with Poul Henningsen resulted in the first Louis Poulsen lamp, "PH", whose glare-free three-shade system was an innovation in the 1920s. PH goes into series production in 1926 and soon celebrates international success.

In the decades that followed, Louis Poulsen grew into an international company that included talent from all over the world in addition to Scandinavian designers. The designers represented today include Arne Jacobsen, Verner Panton, Louise Campbell, GamFratesi and Nendo.

That Scandinavia in particular is the focus of modern, cozy living design can perhaps be explained by the long, gloomy winters, which people have always opposed to light and cozy home accessories. For Louis Poulsen, everything revolves around the best possible light, which transforms dark and cool rooms into oases of cosiness and increases people's quality of life. An appealing appearance is also a must for Louis-Poulsen - after all, these are integral parts of the facility, which should also cause pleasure when switched off.

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