Louis Poulsen
PH Collection

Poul Henningsen

Poul Henningsen's iconic lamps, like PH 50 or Artichoke,
experience on-going success thanks to their unparalleled sense of aesthetics.

The PH collection is one of the best-known and most successful lights in Danish design. The first PH lamp was presented to the world in 1925 and captured the market in 1926. The success of their innovative design established the designer Poul Henningsen and the Louis Poulsen brand in Scandinavian design.

Poul Henningsen worked with Louis Poulsen until his death and added other models with iconic status to the PH collection. Louis Poulsen still carries a large selection of PH lights in numerous variants and is constantly developing the collection. The name "PH" simply stands for the designer's initials. The different models within the collection are distinguished from each other by adding numbers or descriptive names.

The underlying idea is simple and ingenious: In order to remove glare produced by the light bulb and obtain a pleasant, uniform light, Poul Henningsen developed a three-shade system that also gave the original PH lamp a memorable and elegant appearance. All models in the collection follow this idea. In the meantime, other iconic silhouettes have established alongside the original PH from the 1920s. For example, the PH5 pendant light has its very own look thanks to the clearly visible side struts and the fourth shade that is folded up. The classic three-shade luminaire PH3 is now also available with a glass shade.

Even after Poul Henningsen's death, the Louis Poulsen collection was maintained, supplemented and technically developed. For example, PH 5 has been expanded to include the smaller PH5 Mini pendant light and has a new colour concept. Louis Poulsen also keeps bringing limited special versions onto the market. There is enough reason for this, after all, the luminaire has been successful for over 90 years - and will certainly celebrate many anniversaries in the future.